University of Belgrade - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Serbia (Coordinator)

University of Belgrade - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (UB-FTTE) was set up in 1960 from its forerunner, the Superior School of Transportation (set up in 1950). Since then, the UB-FTTE has turned out more than 6,500 graduate transport and traffic engineers (dipl. ing.), more than 260 MSc holders, and over 120 holders of PhD degree. Since 1978 the Faculty has been located in its own 14,000 sqm large building. It has the largest specialized library in the region. In 2007 the library has become the ICAO Depository library, the only one in the Southeast Europe.

The Department of Air Transport at the UB-FTTE has been established in 1960, and has since educated more than 760 graduates (five/four year programme), as well as seven classes (140 graduates) of the two-year (ATC) programme. The Department graduates are employed by airline, airport and ATM industry, CAAs, international organizations, consultancies and academia. More than 10% graduates are working abroad, including organisations such as ICAO, EUROCONTROL, FAA, EASA, NATS, SkyGuide, Nav Canada, American Airlines, Ryanair, Airbus, Bombardier, Johannesburg Airport, Doha Airport, University of California, TU Delft, Jeppesen, SABRE, etc. A long tradition is also established of final-year students’ internships at aviation system stakeholders Europe-wide. The hosting organisations include EUROCONTROL (CFMU/NMOC, DNM, CRDS, EEC Bretigny), airport operators (Belgrade, Munich, Zurich, AENA: Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, etc.), airlines (Air Serbia, JAT Airways, Austrian Airlines), etc.

The Division of Airports and Air Traffic Safety (hereinafter: the Division) is a part of the Department of Air Transport at UB-FTTE. It has the history of 55 years of dealing with planning, design, operations and management in air transport and traffic system, both in academic work and as consultants. As of June 2016, the Division has eight full-time staff members, comprising one professor, one associate professor, three assistant professors, and three research assistants. In the field of aviation research and consultancy, the Division’s activities started in mid-1970s. The Division’s research efforts have focused on air traffic flow management, airspace management, airport operations, traffic complexity, risk and safety analysis, and traffic economics. Research activities are performed through national (from Serbian Ministry of Science) and international research grants (from the European Commission, US Department of Transport, SESAR JU, etc.). Consulting activities are performed through UB-FTTE’s Institute, which is licensed and registered for consulting activities. Clients of the Division include: Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA), Belgrade Airport, Government of Yugoslavia, EUROCONTROL, EC DG TREN, Munich Airport, Avinor, etc.

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This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Grant Agreement No. 699326, under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.